Amido Acid

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Amido Acid
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Visual Clarity of Amido Acid 1 Provide Clean & Clear Product BOS 10

Application: Amido Acid

NAICS Code: 325199

Purpose of Filtration: Provide clean & clear product

Application: Amido amine is stored in 4,000 gallon tanks and pumped through a FSPN40 filter vessel using a BOS10PM1P filter bag. The filtrate is tested for clarity. If the desired level of clarity is not reached, the product is re-circulated through the filter vessel until the required clarity is achieved. When the filtrate passes clarity, it is sent to the flaking operation.

The amido acid is sent to a continuously chilled stainless steel belt where it goes from liquid to a thin sheet (it has a 160°F melting point). At the end of the belt, the sheet is cut into flakes. The flake is transported in this form to the customer where it is used in personal care products such as creams, lotions, and hair formulations. Amido acid gives personal care products a smooth texture.

FSI Product: BOS10PM1P