Soybean into Edible Oil (Refined Bleach -RBHD)

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Soybean into Edible Oil (Refined Bleach -RBHD)
Position Application Filter Type Micron Rating
1 RBHD Filter PENG 1
2 RBHD Filter PENG 1
3 Post Hydrogenization PENG 1
4 Post Hydrogenization PENG 1
6 Pre Deodorization PENG 1
5 Pre Deodorization PENG 1
7 Post Deodorization PENG 1
8 Post Deodorization PENG 1
9 Loadout PENG 1
10 Loadout PENG 1

Application: Edible Oil Mfg.

NAICS: 311222

Application: The plant processes soybeans into edible oil. Process is 99% soybean oil with 1% cottonseed oil. All soybean oil is filtered and cottonseed oil is not filtered outside of the soybean filters. The soybean oil is categorized into four (4) types:

Refined Bleached (RB)
Refined Bleached Hydrogenized (RBH)
Refined Bleached Deodorized (RBD)
Refined Bleached Hydrogenized Deodorized (RBHD)

There are four (4) main stages of filtration, as follows:

  1. Refining
  2. Deodorizing
  3. Hydrogenation
  4. Loadout
  1. Refining:Crude soybean oil is brought to the plant in tanks and sent through large pressure leaf filters followed by a set of bag filters using PENG 1. Filters are changed on differential pressure. From this point, the refined bleached soybean oil could go to one of three (3) areas; deodorization, hydrogenation or directly to loadout.
  2. Deodorization: RB and RBH oils are filtered in two locations at the deodorizing process. The first point of filtration is at the beginning of the process. The filters are divided equally between both types of oil. System A & B both use dual 2-bag vessels in parallel. The oils then go through the deodorizer and through a duplicate set of filters at the end of the deodorizing process before going to loadout. All filters use PENG 1.
  3. Hydrogenation: The hydrogenation process has four (4) lines each with a single bag vessel. To lines go to loadout and two to deodorizing. All filters use PENG 1.
  4. Loadout: Final filtration before loading onto tank trucks or rail cars. Each line has a dedicated 6 bag filter using PENG 1. The RBHD line has a dedicated line for trucks and rail cars while the others are used for either service. Filters are changed on differential pressure or twice weekly, whichever comes first.

FSI Product: PENG 1