Cooling Tower (Water)

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Cooling Tower (Water)
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Sediment Filter 1 Keep Cooling Tower Clean PENG 25

Application: Cooling Tower (Water)

Purpose of Filtration: Keep Cooling Tower Clean

Application: Cooling tower filtration started as a preventative maintenance procedure due to the growing cost of replacing fouled cooling towers. Each building on the campus has its own cooling tower; a total of over 300 on campus.

Each cooling tower uses water to remove heat expelled from the chiller or refrigeration system. Any dirt or debris in the water will build up and either fowl the piping system or clog the spray nozzles in the cooling tower. Cleaning or replacement of spray nozzles is the largest maintenance cost of a cooling tower. If the spray nozzles are not working properly, the cooling tower will overheat. Further, the build up of deposits in the pipes will eventually facilitate the need to replace the cooling tower. The cost of a new cooling tower will range from $40 - 50K.

A bypass filter was installed, which diverts 10 - 20% of the flow through the filter in this closed loop system. A control system was implemented to bypass the filter when the differential pressure reached 20 psid and tripped an alarm to indicate the need to change bags.

When installing a bypass filter on an existing cooling tower PEM150, or similar, bags are used. As the system becomes cleaner, finer filtration is installed, usually 25 micron.

Benefits: The use of filtration in this application has demonstrated a 2-3 times life increase of the cooling tower and a reduction in the maintenance costs during this time.

FSI Product: PENG 25