Machine Coolant Filtration 1

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Machine Coolant Filtration 1
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Pre Filter Coolant 1 Pre Filter Pleated 10
2 Pre Filter Coolant 2   Pleated 5
3 Recirculation Filter 3   PONG 10

Application: Machine Coolant Filtration

NAICS Code: 332710

Purpose of Filtration: Prefilter

Application: Die moldings are cut by a brass wire in a bath of de-ionized water. The wire is electro-discharged, creating a spark that cuts the metal. Metal particles that are created by the cutting fall to the bottom of the tank. These particles need to be removed to keep the de-ionized water clean so as not to interfere with the wire cutting process.

Old System: The de-ionized water was pumped from the holding tank through a skimmer and a set of special and expensive pleated filters to remove the metal chips.

New System: A filtration cart was built containing a 100 gallon tank with a recirculation system through an X100 filter vessel. The water from the holding tank was sent to this filtration cart for pre-filtering prior to going to the previous machine filters.

Benefit: The filtration cart using the X100 vessel used as a pre filter eliminated the use of two of the three special machine filters that were used in series. The cost savings resulted from the use of less expensive pre filters and the elimination of two stages of filtration.

FSI Product: PONG 10