Machine Coolant Filtration 2

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Machine Coolant Filtration 2
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Coolant Filtration 1 Removal of Ultra Fine Glass Particles, Oil and Other Residue Meltblown 50
2 Coolant Filtration 2   Meltblown 10
3 Coolant Filtration 3   Stringwound 0.3
4 Coolant Pre Filter 4   PONG 10

Application: Machine Coolant Filtration

Purpose of Filtration: Removal of ultra-fine glass particles, oil and other residue

Application: CNC machining centers are used to cut laser glass for use in defense and commercial systems. The glass must be very smooth, clean and clear as to not distort the laser beam.

Old System: The machine coolant went to a skimmer tank to remove oils. From there three stages of filtration were used; 50 micron melt blown cartridge, 10 micron meltblown cartridge, 0.3 micron stringwound. The skimmer plate was cleaned once a month and the filters were changed every day. However, the reject rate on the glass was more than 10%.

New System: The three stages of filtration were replaced with a single stage using PONG 1. Filtration life increased to 5 days.


  • Improved yield to 95+%
  • Eliminated 2 stages of filtration – cost savings
  • Extended life from 1 to 5 days

FSI Product: PONG 1