Gasoline Distribution Terminal

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Gasoline Distribution Terminal
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Processing Filter 1 Polishing Filter Prior to Loading NMO 55

Application: Gasoline Filtration - Distribution Terminal

NAICS Code: 221210

Purpose of Filtration: Polishing filter prior to loading

Application: Gasoline is held in large storage tanks at a gas distribution terminal for loading onto tankers that will deliver the product to local gas stations. Although the fuel is filtered along the pipeline bringing the fuel to the terminal, a polishing filter is used to filter the fuel of any residual contaminant prior to loading on the tanker.

FSI Solution: The customer was using cartridge vessels with stringwound elements. New equipment was needed. Bag vessels using NMO bags were recommended. The benefits of using bags to the customer were:

  • Smaller size vessel - saved space
  • Ease of change - fewer bolts to open, fewer bags versus cartridges
  • Cost savings - Bags were less expensive than cartridges, less time to change

FSI Product: NMO