Oil Refinery

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Oil Refinery
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Pre Filter 1 Protect to a Liquid/Liquid Coalescer From Particle Fowling BOS MAX 5

Application: Refinery, Pre-Filter to Liquid/Liquid Coalescer for Dewatering Crude Oil

NAICS Code: 324110

Purpose for Filtration: Protect a liquid/liquid coalescer from particle fowling.

Application: Crude oil is brought into the refinery and stored in large storage tanks. The refining process to make diesel fuel begins with the crude being "cut" with steam to begin the distillation process. To remove residual water from the crude a liquid/liquid coalescer is used. Although the coalescer is a good particle filter, its purpose is the separation of the water and crude oil. Particulate will disarm the coalescer and require this expensive cartridge to be replaced. A particulate pre filter is used to prolong the effective life of the coalescer.

FSI Product: BOS MAX 5

Results: The customer was changing the coalescing filter cartridges every 2 weeks at a cost of $8,000 per change ($208K annually). A PONG 5 bag was used for a prefilter. The PONG 5 lasted approximately 5 days and extended the life of the coalescer by 30%. Next a BOS MAX 5 was tested. The life of the BOS MAX 5 was four (4) times longer than the PONG 5 (20 days) and the coalescer life was extended to 2 months. This was an estimated net savings to the company of $125K per year.