Oil/Gas Production

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Oil/Gas Production
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Clean Pond Water 1 Filter Water Used for Mixing with Chemicals PENG or Vorex 25 - 100
2 Filter Recycled Water 2   PENG or Vorex 25 - 100

Application: Oil or Gas Production

NAICS Code: 211111

Purpose of Filtration: Filter water used for mixing with chemicals

Application: When drilling an oil or gas well, many chemicals are used in the process of fracturing the well after the hole is drilled. Large amounts of water are needed for mixing with the various chemicals. Water can be obtained from a variety of sources; i.e. pond, river water, etc. The water needs to be filtered to remove particulate and debris found in the source water so as not to interfere with the chemicals and also to keep the producing formation clean of debris. Duplex bag filters are used to insure continuous filtration of the water.

After injection, much of the liquid flows back to the surface. Water is separated, filtered and re-used in the process.

FSI Product: PENG Bag