Liquid Silicone Coatings

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Liquid Silicone Coatings
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Coating Plastic Sheets 1 Removal of Fine Contaminant and Gels Vorex HP 1

Application: Coating Plastic Sheets

NAICS Code: 326113

Purpose of Filtration: Removal of fine contaminant and gels

Application: The manufacturer produces acrylic and polycarbonate plastic panels that are used signs, displays, etc. A clear coating is sprayed onto the panels to provide anti-fog, UV protection, scratch resistance and extended product life. The coating will magnify particles and distort the graphics of the sign. Thus, fine filtration must be used to clean the coating of all particles and gels down to the 1 micron level. If defects are detected on the plastic sheet, the product must be scrapped; it cannot be re-worked.

FSI Solution: Manufacturer was using an absolute rated meltblown cartridge. The cartridge was being changed every batch. Performance was satisfactory, but it was labor intensive to change out filters.

Vorex® HP 1 micron was introduced. Filtration effectiveness was equivalent to the previous cartridge; however, the life was extended to several batches per cartridge changeout.

FSI Product: Vorex HP 1