Solvent Based Coatings for Printing Plates

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Solvent Based Coatings for Printing Plates
Position Application Purpose Filter Type Micron Rating
1 Solvent Filtration 1 Provide Clean Coating On Printing Plate to Eliminate Defects BOS, BOS MAX 3

Application: Printing Plate Coating

NAICS Code: 325992

Purpose of Filtration: Provide a clean coating on the printing plate to eliminate defects in printing.

Application: The coating solutions that will be applied to the aluminum sheet contain photosensitive solids. During the process of coating the aluminum roll sheet, the solvent is evaporated of all liquid and the solids that remain adhere to the aluminum. Solids that remain must be 5 micron or smaller to that they are not visible to the eye or to touch. Larger particles will cause defects when these plates are used in the printing process.

Two basic types of coatings are used; solvent based and water based. Water based coatings tend to develop more gels requiring the use of a BOS MAX 3 micron bag. BOS 3 is used on the solvent based coating.

Benefits: The customer was using a 3M bag but continued to have problems with gel bypass. The BOS MAX eliminated the gel problem due to the depth provided by the cartridge insert.